This game was the result of three months of work in Game Development 2. We used Unity3D with C#.

Space Luddites is a multiplayer, 3D, sidescrolling beat-em-up set in outer space where a group of techno-haters works to fight and destroy corporations that use and make technology. The luddites work together to bring an end to these big technology firms and fight their way through various levels to free the galaxy from the grasp of technology.

Play the game in your browser here! (Unity Web Player Plugin required)

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Team Members

My Contributions

I wrote most of the non-AI code, including:

  • Player scripts (spawning, movement, abilities, HUD, keyboard/controller handling, respawning with checkpoints)
  • Camera control
  • Enemy spawning
  • Dialogue system
  • Effects system
  • Destroyable environment system
  • Character select and end game screens
  • Cheats system for debugging and demonstrations

May 7, 2014.