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Gunther plays around in the leaves.


This game was the result of three months of work in Experimental Game Design and we plan to continue development in the spring of 2015. We used Unity3D with C#.

Radioland is a single player 3D third-person puzzle platformer set on a chain of floating islands. The player controls Gunther as he explores four season-themed levels. As the player navigates through jumping challenges, they search for and collect audio logs. These audio logs reveal snippets of four narratives each focusing on communication.

Team Members

My Contributions

  • Player movement and abilities
  • Camera control, including controller and keyboard/mouse support
  • Effects system, including applications to respawning, footsteps, and abilities
  • Audio integration into Unity
  • Platform physics, environmental mechanics
Gunther uses a high jump to get a better view.
Gunther uses a low gravity jump to reach far away islands.
Gunther uses metal skin to resist strong winds.
Gunther found an audio log stored in a phone.
Gunther reached the final radio tower.

December 3, 2014.