Explore Radioland's changing world!


Join Gunther in Radioland, where you guide our lovable hero in helping the critters of Radioland get life back from the silence that has surrounded them. In this 3D puzzle platformer, use the power of radio to traverse colorful environments, solve puzzles, and collect crazy outfits. Turn on the radio towers, move the environment, complete the levels and guide Radioland back to a brighter future!

Radioland is the result of two semesters worth of work. Radioland won Second Place in the “Vicarious Visions Student Challenge” at RPI’s GameFest 2015. Check out Radioland’s website!

Team Members

My Contributions

  • Third person player movement and camera control
  • Effects system (respawning, footsteps, collectibles, dialogue, etc.)
  • Audio integration into Unity, streaming radio using BASS
  • Platform physics, environmental mechanics
  • Spline editor tools and mesh generation
  • Audio spectrum visualization
Tuning to a radio station causes platforms to move.
Talk to the local critters to learn more about Radioland.
Watch the world come to life.
Reach the top of a spinning tower.
Bounce your way through this mysterious valley.
Use the radio tuner to select a level.
Find hidden cosmetic items in each level.

See the original post from after one semester of development here.

May 2, 2015.