Interactive Stanford Bunny (requires WebGL)
The Scream texture on a quad


This was my final project for Advanced Computer Graphics and Game Architecture. I worked with @andy-hanson on this project over a one month period. We used three.js, CoffeeScript, and WebGL.

Click here to download our full report.

My Contributions

I implemented brush stroke layers, depth-filtering using a multi-pass rendering approach, texture sampling, and diffuse lighting on brush stroke particles. We both contributed to the write-up and I performed the LaTeX conversion. I also collected all of the models and brush stroke textures that we used.

Utah Teapot rendered using strokes of varying saturation
The Utah Teapot rendered to appear bronze
Sphere using a grass texture
Torus knot, showcasing rendering order
Cannon.js integration
Rendering process breakdown

May 6, 2014.