Ray tracing with reflections and soft shadows
Ray tracing using textures


This was a homework assignment for Advanced Computer Graphics. This project focused on implementing rendering using ray tracing, radiosity, and photon mapping.

My Contributions

Ray Tracing

  • Ray-sphere intersection testing
  • Shadow and reflective rays
  • Distribution ray tracing for soft shadows and antialiasing
  • Stratified random sampling


  • Form factor computation
  • Iterative radiosity solving
  • Occlusion ray casting

Photon Mapping

  • Photon distribution throughout the scene
  • Photon collection using a k-d tree
Radiosity within the Cornell box
Undistributed radiosity during iterative solving
Photon mapping caustics using a reflective ring
Photon mapping results exaggerated (upscaled)

March 31, 2014.