Simulated table cloth
Stanford bunny using stencil buffer shadow volumes


These were homework assignments for Advanced Computer Graphics: hw2 - simulation (cloth and fluid simulation), hw4 - pipeline (the stencil buffer and other GPU features). Both assignments were coded in C++ using OpenGL.

My Contributions

Cloth Simulation

  • Explicit Euler integration for cloth animation
  • Iterative adjustment for overstretched springs
  • Timestep adjustment to combat instability

Fluid Simulation

  • Three-dimensional velocity interpolation
  • Fluid incompressibility using divergence correction

Stencil Buffer and Shadows

  • Mirror rendering using reflected geometry and the stencil buffer
  • Shadow volumes using silhouette edges, shadow polygons, and the stencil buffer
  • A procedural wood shader with geometrical rings and both color and normal variations (not shown)
Denim curtain cloth simulation
Spiral fluid simulation
Reflections using the stencil buffer
Shadow volumes visualized

March 3, 2014.