I created these ten levels using Portal 2’s Puzzle Creator for Lee Sheldon’s Level Design course in one month. With these levels, I explored time related gameplay mechanics while telling a story about working tirelessly to rescue the companion cubes that have been stolen away. My classmates voted them the winner of our team choices awards.

View the levels on the Steam Workshop here! Portal 2 is required to play.

My Contributions

The Puzzle Creator does not offer scripting support, so I constructed timing mechanisms out of excursion funnels, cubes, and buttons. Throughout the levels, light bridges, excursion funnels, and laser fields turn on and off automatically using these timers. Where applicable, lasers are used to indicate the status of timers.

These levels include:

  • A narrative being told in the background through gameplay events
  • Timed navigation puzzles
  • Two constantly shifting mazes
  • Two races against the clock
  • A giant pinball machine
  • Environments carefully designed for gameplay and thematic reasons
The player works closely with a companion cube in the first level.
The cube is used again, until it is stolen away.
A timing puzzle using light bridges to cross the water.
Another timing puzzle, with excursion funnels working against the player.
The final level - a pinball machine. Keep the cube bouncing long enough to win.
A view into the mechanisms behind the pinball machine.

May 9, 2013.