I worked with Brian Tam for one month on this final project for Game Mechanics. We used Python and pygame.

Hkruu is a 2D platformer featuring electric fields. When Hkruu rolls into a ball, he is pulled towards the centers of all nearby electric fields. Players must use existing fields and Hkruu’s EF grenades to navigate past obstacles and reach the portal at the end of each of our 9 levels.

My Contributions

I wrote the platformer engine, level handling, player movement and state, and enemy logic.

I implemented the physics for this game using masks for pixel perfect collision detection and collision normal calculation.

I designed four of the 9 levels. We stored each level as a foreground image, a background image, and a text file that listed spawn coordinates along with enemy coordinates and behaviors. This let us quickly and easily iterate on our designs.

May 17, 2012.